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Bicycles are the most convenient and affordable medium of transportation, this is how bicycles are defined usually but bicycles are more than that. They are more a medium of exploring fun and adventure. You can use your bicycles in many different ways like going to school, exercising and riding but there is one thing which you might have heard of but never tried! Its mountain riding. Yes, there are many bikes which you can drive through the rash roads of mountains.

Going to school and riding bike with friends in evening is the most common memory because almost every person have used the bicycle in that manner but very few people have craze for riding bike. If you are also interested in exploring more about bicycles and their uses then this article is all yours. It will tell you how you can use your bicycle to go on the adventure and which cycles can be used for the same purpose. Also that, you will get to know about some amazing bicycles which you can use to jump through the mountains. Here is a guide to best mountain bikes under $1,000 and the places from where you can buy them.

Use your bike to unleash the adventurer inside you

We all have an adventurer inside us whose quench of exploring new and new things never gets satisfied. There are plenty of ways to feel the adventure like travelling, trekking and rafting etc. But none of them can match the vibes of riding the bicycles through the mountains. Just imagine that moment when you will be jumping in air with your bicycle to climb through a mountain. Isn’t that thought just enough to give you goose bumps? Here is a list of best mountain bikes under $1,000.

Diamondback overdrive : diamondback overdrive is one of the most demanded bicycles because it has 29 inches wheels which are perfect for comfortable rolling through mountains. The bike has many several features like adaptive visible suspension, a full coverage of aluminum body along with the powerful brake to keep your body muscles in rest. One more important thing which you must know about this bike is that it is perfect for the muddy and dusky roads but it is not suitable for the massive climbs or descents. This bike is available in many sizes starting from small to extra-large and you can prefer buying whichever goes perfect with your height. This bike has rarely left any of its users unsatisfied and hence, you can rely on the durability and performance of this bike.

Gravity fsx 1.0 : this bike made its debut in the market in year 2018, and it has been designed with special robust disc brakes in front as well as rear. The bike will offer you most comfortable ride through the zig-zag roads of mountains because it has good suspension tendency. Its 26 inches tires makes it best for the maneuverability and provide you amazing off-road riding experience. The specialty of this bike is that its suspension can be customized according the user’s need and the environment cycle is going to get through. The wheels of gravity fsx 1.0 offer special quick on off features on the wheels, due to which rider can maintain his speed. This cycle has been made available in market in five different colors so that you can choose one of your choice.

Vilano ridge 2.0 : vilano ridge is not a new name for the riders because this cycle is very interesting to ride. It is capable of riding through the mud and sand of the mountains along with the twisted roads. The cycle also provides good suspension along with the control on brakes. However, the specialty of bike likes in its hard tail suspension in front wheels which makes it is easy for rider to control the bike. Apart from this, bike offers you 26 inches tires which are perfect for smooth rolling and give you good performance. One important thing about this bike is that it does not provide the quick release technology on its tires like gravity fsx 1.0 but is worthy for sure.

Raleigh bikes talus 2 : this bike is quite different from other bikes because of its wheels; it has wheels of size 27.5 inches whereas other bikes have wheels of 26 or 29 inches. The bicycle runs with the rim brakes however other bikes use the disc brake technology. These two are the main features which differentiate this bike from others. However, the bike has many features to offer you like most powerful pedal stroke and hard tail suspension which are perfect to give you a comfortable riding experience along with giving rest to your body and preventing fatigue. This cycle is available in two colors and the frame has been made from lightweight allow and it has been designed in a manner that its size is fit for everyone.

Raleigh bikes women’s eva 1 : this bike has been especially designed for the trail riding and is said to be recreational mountain bike. The bike uses the 27.5 inches wheel which are obviously good for maneuverability and also makes it easier for the rider to climb through obstacles. This bike has been made available in several sizes along with the color choice. Raleigh bikes women’s eva 1 has got no suspension which means that more power will be delivered to the wheels but will also give you a harsher ride. The bike has got rim style brakes and not the disc brakes but yes, this cycle is also perfect to give you crazy riding experience.

There are many more cycles which fit into your budget and are good for riding but these were the best mountain bikes under $1,000. You can purchase these bikes from the cycle store and from online commercial sites. Then you are all set for your trail, which will give you an amazing riding feel while riding and climbing through mountains.

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