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Torrenting is a crime but everybody does that because it’s providing online streaming shows in affordable prices. People use torrents to look for the movies and shows which they are absolutely in love with but they forget that while doing these they are violating the rights of the producers and show makers. However, not all the torrents are illegal and you can use them to download your favorite shows and movies because they protect the producer’s rights, and do not violate them.

Not all the torrents are illegal and hence, you can use the legal torrents for downloading the files. Here is a guide and list of the best vpn for torrenting, which allow you to enjoy the online streaming shows safely. Get in to find more information about it!

Torrents – legal or illegal

Torrents were launched with an aim to provide link to the customers of TV shows and movies. These torrents were launched with the permission of producers and they agreed to give producer’s shares to them. Many network and companies started taking disadvantage of this service and they launched their fake torrents which were providing the consumer with online streaming shows but the producers were not earning any profit out of them. This way it became mandatory for the producers to raise their voice against the launch and use of fake torrents so that they can save their profits. After the producers decided to file complaint against the illegal torrent, many NGOs came forward to help them in this good motive.

Whereas, one important fact is this that not all the torrents are illegal and use of such torrents will not dishearten the producers. It is the consumer, who have to struggle to find out that which torrent is legal and which is done. It is your duty to use the legal torrents not only to safeguard the rights of producers but also to protect yourself. Torrents are illegal and if anyone will be found using them, that person is liable to imprisonment and fine into million dollars. While downloading any file through torrent you are violating the copyright rule which is a serious crime.

How to use torrents safely?

There is no such way which will let you know the procedure of using the illegal torrents safely because it is illegal, it cannot have any safe methods. Earlier it has been mentioned that not all the torrents are legal and finding the right torrent will always be a tough job because they do not come with any mark or symbol. It is possible that you were looking for the legal torrent but you reached on the wrong page, if you will be found doing so you will go jail; straight.

It isn’t big deal for cyber officers to find out the users which have been using the illegal torrent. When you get the internet connection, your providers provide you an IP address. This IP address defines the route of internet to your home and through this cops can catch you very easily. If you don’t want to go through any such problem then it is important that you keep your IP address hidden. There are many network service providers which keep your id address sealed to hide your identity. Here is a list of best vpn for torrenting and how you can use them.

Keep yourself safe with best vpn for torrenting

If you cannot stop drooling over torrents then here are the names of some torrent friendly VPNs which you can buy at affordable prices.

Express VPN – Express vpn belongs to the British Virgin Islands Company and it is well known for its fast and secured vpn. As expression vpn is BVI Company, it is free from the regulations of us data laws and hence the cops will not be able to track your moment. This is the reason why it is one of the famous and highly recommended torrent friendly network. Not only this, expression vpn also had given you features like fast browsing and highly secured data network. It gives you the license to share files on peer to peer network and torrent downloading deprived of log files. If you choose to buy the vpn from this network, you are probably going to buy the most reliable services ever. You also get facilities like unlimited bandwidth, DNS leak protection and money back guarantee.

IPVanish – IPVanish provides you zero log policy which makes it best and along with this, it has services like secured DNS and high speed data transmission to offer you. This company is based in US and is considered as the top-tier network which delivers the high speed data and has unlimited bandwidth. It also gives you access to the fair pricing plans if compared to its services. It also gives you the facility of downloading the files from torrents without being caught however the service is restricted to only few countries namely, Germany, Sweden, turkey, Russia, Romania, Hong Kong, Spain, Holland and Mexico etc. Not only this, this company provides 450+ severs in around 60+ countries and most of them are torrent friendly. You can get this connection for all your devices like mac, iOS, android, chrome book and windows. They also give you the 7 days money back guarantee i.e. If you are not satisfied with their services you can claim for money back. One important thing which you must know about this service provider is that they come under the scope of us laws.

Now you don’t need to fear of being caught by the cops if you are using the torrents. These service providers have made torrenting easy and reliable for you. You can search about these network providers to find more information about them and you will also get their numbers on their page. In case you are planning to get connection from anyone of them, visit their website to get in touch with them to get the services.

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