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Spread happiness and cheer! Many times we have this concept that something big is linked to happiness. This necessarily might not be true. Happiness can also be attached to the small things that your day every day that makes you satisfied. Here are some small things that will keep you happy.


  1. Help a person: If you are feeling very low, do one act of kindness to your neighbor. Their happiness can make your day. You would feel much happy and satisfied after you’ve helped another person.
  2. Do not compare yourself: Be happy and content with yourself. Take a day to analyse your strength and how unique you are. Comparing yourself to others can put you down, reducing your self-esteem. Be confident about who you are. Have faith in your abilities. Try to spread cheer and happiness as much as possible.
  3. Appreciate others: This may often seem to be a very tough task. You might even have to go out of the way to say a good thing about the other person. Appreciate another person for his/her abilities or talents. Always remember, other persons happiness can be your happiness too.
  4. Think positive: Take a day to count your blessings. Think positive amidst of whatever negative come your way. Have faith in yourself for the things yet to come. If your friend is feeling down, encourage and appreciate him/ her. Let others know you care for them.
  5. Treat yourself: Take a break if life gets very monotonous. Treat yourself with good food or go to some place you enjoy going. This can get you to be happy and joyful. If you have an extra penny to spend, treat a fellow neighbor as well.
  6. Read: Take a little time off to read. Read books that encourage and can boost your spirits up. If you are down, read books that are encouraging. Read books of eminent personalities. Such books can encourage you to achieve your goals and keeps you motivated. Listening to good music would also have a similar effect. Listen to your favourite album that might bring back a lot of happy memories.


Do a new thing: Take an effort to learn something new. When you begin to learn something new, you are encouraged by seeing your progress. This is something that would keep you motivated to achieve other things in life. Explore a new thing that you have never ventured before. Examples would include, learning a new instrument, planting trees, remaking your garden, repairing some old electrical or equipment in your home. Make a list of self-goals and tick each off once you’re done with the goal. This would make you happy and well-motivated.

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