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The international day of happiness is celebrated on the 20th of March every year. The United States of America was the first Country to be seen celebrating the international day of happiness. The UN started the practice of celebrating international happiness day to recognize the importance of being happy across the world. In the year 2015, the UN stressed on three important aspects that would lead the people to be happy. The first one would be to end poverty; the second one was to reduce inequality and treat everyone with respect. Thirdly, to protect our planet, this includes protecting flora and fauna of our planet. The world day of happiness is celebrated to remind the World about the goals that were promised by the UN for sustainable development. The day for happiness was first celebrated in 2013. The concept was encouraged and supported by over 160 Countries.

Human happiness.

This movement recognizes that more than the economic growth of a Country, the state of the people moreover plays an essential role in contributing to the growth of the Nation. According to a very famous theory, the mental state of the people in the country is reflected in the growth of that Country’s economy. In 2014, the day was celebrated by asking the people to share an image of what makes them happy.

Happy Heroes.

This day celebrated thousands of happy heroes, those people who work hard to contribute to the society was remembered.

1)    Contribute: These are some ways on how the International day of happiness can be celebrated. Contribute. Collect books, art items, clothes, etc. that are in usable form. Give the collected items to the needy. You get satisfied with seeing how happy they become.

2)    Appreciate: Take this day to appreciate someone whom you have never appreciated. Write a letter or paint a card to appreciate them for their good qualities. Smile a lot more. Try talking to at least five new people whom you have never met before.

3)    Invite to a meal: Take this day to invite your acquaintances to a meal. A potluck meal can also be a good option. This would help prove that you value other people important in your lives.

4)    Start the day by staying positive:  Think ways on how you can add a smile to one more person. Consider other people important.

5)    Campaigns: Volunteer in campaigns that spreads awareness about the importance of having a healthy and a positive mind. Take part in any cause to bring a smile to the face of another person you might not even know. Visit nursing homes or orphanages. Contribute as much as you can. Spending some quality time and showing that you care for them can make their day!

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