What are THC Detox Drinks?

Ever faced with a situation where you have an employment opportunity or any other medical condition that requires a clean THC Test on short notice, but you’re still brimming with THC? A lot of people frantically start googling for hacks and potions that will completely eliminate traces of marijuana from their blood, but these tricks almost never work. Home remedies are available all over the internet and are cheap to prepare as well, but these are ineffective too. Popular remedies like Grapes juice, cranberry juice, and B vitamins, Sure-jell, baking soda and niacin cannot scientifically remove THC, and this may be risky as the tests will show traces and then it would be too late for that. Instead of taking such risks, one must be well informed of what works and what does not.

Its not impossible to cheat on your blood test with some scientifically backed THC hacks, which are in the form of THC detox drinks. These drinks don’t just completely erase any evidence of marijuana from your blood, but also work very effectively against other drugs. They are different from marijuana cleansing drinks as those merely mask the effects of the drug on your body. Detox is actually a long driven process with lots of steps that eventually remove all toxins of the drug from your body. On the other hand, detox drinks are a fastracked version of proper detox as it gives the same effects only a few hours after consumption.

How do these drinks work?

The trick is to basically dilute your blood or urine so that the harmful toxins cannot be traced in a medical test as they become undetectable. This science works across all drugs, no matter what its composition is, because the trick is the action of the drink and has nothing to do with what kind of drug it is. Detoxing is the safest way to circumvent a weed detection or THC test, and that can be done in hours thanks to THC detox drinks.

Harmful or Ineffective detox drinks:

One of the drawback of the concept of detox drinks is that because one of them may work on a given person, he just assumes that any will work and when they fail, the traces of THC might land him into trouble. These drinks could also be marketed as pills dissolvable in water, and are extremely expensive. People buy these untrustworthy products out of urgency and necessity and will pay any amount for it.

There is a certain degree of brand association with these drinks as well, as the ones that have gotten popular over the years are well known because they work effectively.  Their quality and results are tangible, kept customers satisfied and easily outshine their competitors. Sometimes the over commercialised or the bigger marketed product gets preferences because of the pomp and show. It is important to remember that good products are the ones that people actually recommend, and not something a brand sells with so much zeal.

Here is a list of some of the drinks which may be branded and highly marketed, but do not work or do a partial cleanse, which is as good as not working:

  • Champ Flush Out Detox: this product has several drawbacks despite having a good market presence and very expensive promotions worldwide, it can be found readily in all big grocery stores, but it doesn’t work at all. To use the product first of all, you need to be on the lower usage end of weed for 2 whole days at least. That in itself is detox enough so the result one sees is because of stopping weed, not because of the drink. It is expensive and the taste is terrible.
  • Magnum Detox Drink: the drink tastes really bad and the texture is almost like molasses, it is thick and inconsistent, making it more of a food instead of a drink. It does not work at all and would also give you and upset stomach. Even other products sold by this brand like synthetic urine are a waste of money.
  • QCarbo 32 Detox Drink: This THC detox drink probably has the highest paid promotions and marketing out of all the drinks but it fails to deliver like all the other. It is also known to change the colour of the urine very dramatically, which draws attention and raises suspicion during a test.

What are the drinks one should use?

Now that we’ve listed the drinks that should not be trusted, almost all the others some success rates of working and won’t give a positive result on the test. Some of these trustworthy THC detox drinks are:

  • Absolute Detox: It is a bit costly but it works like magic within 5 hours of using it. It is reliable and you can be stress free about your test showing controversial results.
  • Mega Clean Detox Drink: this too is slightly on the expensive side of all these drinks but is better than the above and rest of the products. It comes with great flavours, works on all drugs and is highly recommended.
  • Rescue Cleanse 32: this is considered to be the best and most fool proof THC detox drink of all time. Not only does its appearance look modern and top notch, it gives the effect of it being medicine which can be carried around when needed. This works much faster than all the other brands in the market and is a total steal for its price. It starts cleansing your urine in 5 hours but is the most effective in the 2nd

Now you know all there is to know about THC detox drinks and their quick and effective benefits to the community. They are increasingly becoming more and more relevant in the society, as THC tests are being taken in almost all situations. In this case, the safest route to escape from them within a few hours are these detox drinks.

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