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Back to the Jurassic can be watched live on yes movies, but before then, there are things you need to know about this movie where Julia, Ernie, and Max, after starting a time machine, they find themselves, 65 million years back in time. The plot of this particular Jurassic is the same as the first three franchises; Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and Jurassic Park III. It is the fourth in this particular Jurassic Park series.

If you have grown up with the old Jurassic Park movies, then you are likely anticipating some cameos from the old cast into this particular movie. Jeff Goldblum, if he was your favorite actor, will come back as Dr. Ian Malcolm, which is the same role he played in the previous Jurassic Park.

All in all, in the movie, people travel to an island and are able to meet with several dinosaurs that eat some of them. You will be thrilled to watch the dinosaurs eating one another while the rest of the people escape. The tooth count is upped in this particular series. Discover more by watching it online.

The Resurrection of Saurian

It is important to remember that, as you watch Back to the Jurassic at yes movies, Jurassic Park was set on Isla Nublar, which is fictional, and off Costa Rica, where genetically engineered dinosaurs are stocked by a rich wealth entrepreneur.

To bring them back from extinction, there was mining of an ancient DNA, and the DNA was stitched together with modern animal’s DNA, and through science fictional MacGuffins, and machines that are capable of beeping, there came the resurrection of Tyrannosaurus rex, together with Velociraptor, having the great dental chums, and they start on a killing spree. Their action is set on an IslaSorna, a different island, where dinosaurs that were spared, found refuge.

The Jurassic Park brings back to Isla Nublar where the original Jurassic Park theme is brought to life and it becomes a great success. That is one thing that gives the movie an instant lift, featuring interactions between a lot more people than those in plots of film 2 and 3 and dinosaurs.

In the second series, there is an ill-fitting appendix which T.rex, was transplanted and goes on the rampage in San Diego, the Godzilla style.  In the Jurassic World, you will find that the dinosaurs are tamed. There are several tourists who come to see them close up, go down the river to canoe while accompanied by kindly sauropods and stegosaurs, queuing for sanitized rides by the monstrous but emasculated dinosaurs.

You will be able to watch a Sea world style that is displayed with a mosasaur that is leaping. You will encounter petting zoo, where you will see children being able to stroke the baby dinosaurs which look like refugees in the Land Before Time. That could be the reason why the marketing wing of Jurassic Park is on the lookout to be able to produce more thrills to entice the public about the existence of the dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are known to have existed millions of years ago, and that is why, the producers go to the lab in order to come up with something fiercer, bigger, and with even sharper and more teeth. The laboratory combines blindworm sting, wool of bat, the tongue of dog, and several other unique properties and ingredients, to invent the great beast, Indominus Rex. For marketing purpose, it has been given a name that is easy to pronounce. It is this creature, the Indominus Rex, which is Jurassic Park’s nemesis.


When you start watching the Jurassic world on yes movies, it is important to be aware of the much talk about the antiquated look of the dinosaur as portrayed in the Jurassic world. When it first kicked off in 1993, there was no much knowledge concerning dinosaurs, theropods to be exact, had feathers. The example of Velociraptor should have then, been able to have many feathers. In the Jurassic world, the dinosaurs present are featherless, putting the discoveries of the last two decades to zero. And for three reasons, that is how it is supposed to be.

  • Jack Horner, a series advisor, and paleontologist, in a question and answer series recently, said that, if the modern dinosaur was clothed in feathers, it will then break the artistic continuity of the Jurassic Park series. In the world of Jurassic Park, it is believed that the dinosaurs are of the 1990s. so if you were to bring them full of feathers, it would mean you start a whole new franchise.
  • If the dinosaurs were full of feathers, then there will be fewer people, if at all any, who will be thrilled by someone in a movie being attacked by bird-like creatures, full of feathers.
  • In the Jurassic Park films, the dinosaurs are not the real dinosaurs as read in the history books. They are creatures made by man, which are sewn together, genetically using DNA from other animals, in order to suit the tastes of human beings. Their relationships with the real dinosaurs of the Mesozoic cannot be proven.

The chief scientist, Henry Wu, in a live interview, impassioned said that the only character in the Jurassic World which could have survived from the first Jurassic Park movie is not a dinosaur. They are portrayed as dragons which are out or are designed to instill the same fear that the dinosaur of the old did bring out.

After having all the above knowledge, at least you will be able to watch the Jurassic World movie without much fear, knowing that, the creatures being portrayed are not real but fictitious. This will ensure that you enjoy your viewing without having to switch it off. In case after watching you will have nightmares, because this is a horror, movie, at least you will wake up with a sigh of relief knowing that, there is nothing like the creatures that attacked you at night. You can watch the movie in 3D with high expectation because it will seem more real than ever before.

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